Have you always known that more is possible? 

Would you like to make a difference in the world but don’t know how? If you had a massive amount of money, what would you change? Do you think you’d have an easier time creating that change in the world, with, or without, money? 

Here’s the thing - you have to be willing to value yourself and the services that you offer to start creating more money.

What’s the upper limit of what you are willing to receive? And are you ready to break through that and go beyond it dynamically? This course will give you practical tools to start valuing you, determine and charge a price that works for you, and increase your ability to receive money and to ask for it from your clients and customers (without feeling awkward or guilty!). If you’re one of those people (like I used to be) who would be glad to give your services away for free as long as people were happy, meanwhile never giving yourself a raise and working yourself to the point where it’s not fun anymore...then this course is for you!

"Simone is super quick, insightful, and one of the kindest people I’ve met. If you’d like your life to change in ways you never thought possible, and at such a speed, don’t even think twice about working with Simone. It is literally life changing! "

Nikki Martin

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