Relationship - Are You Sure You Want One?

Do you actually desire a relationship? Here are some tips that will work (some of them you might resist or they may be uncomfortable) but if you are willing to give them a go, you just may create a much greater and more fun relationship that you have considered possible.

My partner, Brendon, and I made a commitment to ourselves and our relationship that if we were going to make this work, we had to be willing to use the tools. To try anything no matter how crazy it sounded.

Our relationship grows and changes all the time. We’ve created a relationship beyond what we imagined possible. Would you be willing to give these tools a chance?

We created this course for you, for you to know that there is something completely different available when it comes to sex and relationship. You just have to be willing to take action, ask questions, and receive what shows up!

Are you ready for the adventure? Here we go!