95. Are You Bored? Go Big! Choose Different!

Mar 14, 2022

There is so much you can allow to be a contribution to you and your life and living beyond the obvious.  Most people go to family or business as a contribution. You can have all of that, and you can also have more!  What communion with the Earth and what communion with everything can you have that will allow more to show up in your life?

In this episode, Simone Milasas explores the topic of how you be in communion with everything and receive from everything with Stephen Outram.

Your whole life can expand with the contribution you allow from all things around you. It’s an investment in you and your living. It’s the wealth of living!

Keys to success:
  • Are You Fully Living?
  • It’s Not Linear
  • Gifting And Receiving vs The Giving And Taking Paradigm
  • What Different Choice Could You Make Today?
  • Start Exploring And Discovering What Will Contribute To You

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