94. What if Contribution Is the Choice To Receive?

Mar 07, 2022

The choices that you make permeate into the world.  You may never know what effect they have on others. What if you kept choosing to be a contribution and receive, so we can have something different show up in the world?

What if contribution wasn't defined? And it's not a conclusion. It's an energy and a space and a level of consciousness and the magic and miracles we can be for each other.  

What contribution can we be to each other?

Keys to success:
  • The Willingness To Be Greater
  • Receiving As Contribution
  • Acknowledge That You Are A Contribution
  • What If Every Choice You Make Was To Create A Greater World?

Daily Questions:
  • "Universe, what would it take for all my choices to change the world?”
  • “What can I be that would allow all my choices to change the world?"
  • "What else is possible?"
  • "What contribution will this be to create the future I desire?"
  • "If I choose this, what will it create?"
  • "If I choose this, where will my life be in 5-years time? If I don't choose this, where will life be in 5-years time?"

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