212. What if There Was a Universe of Possibilities Available?

Jun 12, 2024
access consciousness podcast

What are you currently asking for? There is so much that is possible. There is so much available to you. Your story doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what you chose yesterday, what are you choosing today? 

In this episode of Choice, Change and Action, Simone Milasas talks about how there is a universe of possibilities available to us and how playing with the quantum entanglements when you ask for things can create a bigger and greater world.

What action are you taking today and what choice are you making today that will allow you to have a different and a greater future? 

Daily Questions
  • "What universe of possibilities is available?"
  • “What else is possible beyond that?”
  • "What can I receive today that I wasn't willing to receive yesterday?" 
  • "What universe of possibilities is available to me today that I can receive today?"
  • "What are the infinite possibilities?"
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