211. What Is Your Reality?

Jun 05, 2024
access consciousness podcast

Do you judge your choices based on what is considered valid and acceptable by others? Are you trying to fit into society’s definition of who, what and how you are supposed to be?

In this episode of Choice, Change and Action, Simone Milasas talks with Graeme Crosscuddles about stepping out of definition and into question, to start choosing what works for you.

When you live in a structure of how you have to be, that doesn’t enable you to access all the things that could actually work for you and allow you to be joyful. The second you define something, you literally stop the future possibilities of what else could show up. 

The future is not predictable. What if you came out of defining what you are, who you are, when you are and you started being in question? That's the exploration and the adventure of living. 

Keys to success
  • Everybody Has A Different Perspective
  • Be Totally Present And In The Question
  • What Else Would You Like To Ask For?
  • The Future Is Not Predictable
  • Stop Judging Your Choices
  • Stop Defining Who You Should Be
  • Start Functioning From The Yes/No Universe
  • Choose For Greater Possibilities Rather Than From Conflict
Daily Questions
  • "What have I defined my business as?"
  • "What have I defined me in business as?"
  • "What else is it I would like to ask for?" 
  • "No matter what it takes, no matter what it looks like, universe, show me something beyond everything I have ever desired."
  • "What universe of possibilities is available in regards to this?”
  • "What choice can I make and what can I ask for that has a future that has no validity to this reality?" 
  • "What awareness did I gain with this choice?" 
  • "What else is possible beyond this?" 
  • "What am I aware of that I haven't been willing to acknowledge?"
  •  "What universe of possibilities is available?" 
  • "What else is possible?" 
  • "What future is possible beyond today?" 
  • "What action can I choose? What action can I take?"
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