210. What If Your Body Is The Gift You Have Never Acknowledged?

May 29, 2024
access consciousness podcast

Do you constantly judge your body? What if, rather than choosing from conflict with your body, you talked to your body and chose in communion with it?

In this episode of Choice, Change and Action, Simone Milasas encourages us to be more in communion with our bodies.

When Simone started with Access Consciousness 23 years ago, she was really interested in the questions and the information and the processing and not so into Bars and body work. At the time, her body was annoying to her. She thought she could move so much faster if it wasn't for her body. It's taken her a long time to chip away at that. Now, she is so much more in communion and believes that we haven't even touched the surface of what else is truly available being with this body on this planet.

What if you could have way too much fun with your body today?

Keys to success

  • What If you stopped choosing from conflict with your body?
  • Increase the space between the molecules
  • Restore Communion
  • Talk To Your Body
  • Stop Judging Your Body
  • The Access Consciousness Body Classes

Daily Questions

  • "What is this? What are you asking me for, body?"
  •  "Now what else is possible?" 
  • "Body what are you actually asking of me today? What gift are you that I have not yet acknowledged?"

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