208. What If You Could Open Any Door?

May 14, 2024
Self Help Podcast

How many projects and conversations are you not choosing, and not opening that door, based on what you’ve decided the outcome is going to look like? How many doors are you not opening because you have no idea what it is going to look like? 

In this episode of Choice, Change and Action, Simone Milasas discusses key concepts in opening doors to possibilities.

Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing. There is no wrong choice, there is no right choice. When you choose from the place of what is lighter in your world, everything is about what will create greater. What if you never, ever judged your choice again? 

 It's not about trying to find people to align and agree with you. You have to be okay with what you are choosing. It's about being greater every single day, being better every single day. Be proud of your choices. 

 Daily Questions

  • "Will this create something greater?" 
  • "Will this add to my life?" 
  • “What is lighter in my world?”
  • “What hurdles can I jump over today?”
  • “What doors can I open today?"
  • “What would it take for me  to outcreate myself today?" 

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