201. It’s Not Bad to Ask For More!

Mar 28, 2024
Simone Milasas Podcast Access Consciousness

Do you have debt that you are ignoring; hoping and praying it will go away all by itself? You are not alone. In fact, Simone used to do that too.

In this episode of Choice, Change and Action, the tables are turned and Katarina Wallentin is interviewing Simone Milasas about debt and what it took for Simone to come out of $187,000 debt. 

Anything you are willing to look at can change. The only prerequisite in creating your life is the willingness to look at everything. That avoidance that we do with certain things is one of the biggest hurdles in our way.

When you be you, the world desires to gift to you; and that includes money. It doesn't desire to exclude money, but you have to be willing to receive it.

What could we be different in the world with getting out of debt joyfully?

Keys to success

  • What Is Debt?
  • You Get To Choose
  • Anything You Are Willing To Look At Can Change
  • The ‘R’ Word
  • Creating A Change In The World
  • It’s Not Bad To Ask For More Money

Daily Questions

  • "What can I receive today that I wasn't willing to receive yesterday?"
  • "Universe, please help me. Show me the way." 
  • "How can I contribute to this? 
  • "Will this make me happy? Will this create a greater world? Will this create a greater possibility?"

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