103. It Can't Be That Easy!

May 09, 2022

How often does something show up in your life that isn't going the way you thought it should?  Or do you find yourself doing something that nobody else is doing?  What if these situations could be ease?  

In this episode, I discuss ease and joy as the adventure of living with Sarah Watt, and introduce Access Consciousness tools that assist with actualising more of that.

What if everything you have decided is weird about you was actually not weird, what would you choose?  Every single person in the world has something to offer. What if you started being all of you and offered whatever that is to the planet?  What a gift that would be

If you are not trying to make things look a certain way, there is a joy in the adventure of it all.  Go out there and have way too much fun.  Be as weird as you be, which is as different as you be, so you can create everything you would like and actualise everything you would like and have the adventures that you can be choosing.  Don’t make it something you put outside of you.  Choose it!  Be you and change the world.

Keys to success
  • Tools To Change Your Point of View 
  • Creating More Ease & Joy
  • Be Willing To Show Up As More Of You
  • Two More Tools To Create Ease
  • Sarah’s Travel Hacks

Daily Questions
  • “How different would it be if I had the point of view that I was on an adventure?”
  • "What is so funny about this I am not laughing about?"
  • “Where do I find the joy in this?” 
  • “What will I choose in these 10 seconds?”

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