100. Special Episode: The Place with Gary Douglas

Apr 19, 2022

People should have a sense of peace and possibility and something greater. Look at communion with nature as a metaphor for living. You have to look at what else is possible, always, otherwise, you will keep creating the same reality and the same stuff you always create.

Simone Milasas interviews Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, about the novel he wrote called, The Place, and how that is an invitation to a different possibility in our own lives.

Beyond normal is more real to Gary than normal.  The Place could open the doors to the Earth trying to gift to us in ways we don't see and don't know; the gift of peace the Earth creates that is beyond normal.  The gift that we all have available that most of us will not choose.

Keys to success
  • Money Is Not Significant
  • The Choice To Change
  • Follow The Energy
  • Honouring Yourself
  • Lying To Yourself Doesn’t Create Greater

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