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How many things have you tried, tested, and are still seeking?...

The negative voice in your head - you know...the one that tells you “you’re not good enough?” ... is still there.

It’s the same voice that has told you that you can’t accomplish the things you’ve dreamed of. 

It has told you that the things you’re dealing with now - anxiety, worry, trouble sleeping, low energy, feelings of uncertainty about the future, are here to stay, because “that’s just the way it is”...

But what if something else was possible?

What if you could release that voice FOREVER?

Ask yourself: how could it possibly get better than this?... This is how:

We’re offering an online-based course live for ONE DAY ONLY on February 28th, to be completed by you and a partner, from the comfort of your own home: The Introduction to Access Bars® with Simone Milasas.

Access Bars is a gentle hands-on modality from Access Consciousness developed in the 1990s.

There are 32 points on your head which, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive.

Those negative voices, thoughts, feelings and experiences? Consider them gone - like pressing the delete button on your computer! Bye-bye!

Thousands of people have experienced benefits from the access Bars including:

  • Mental clarity
  • Motivation
  • Feelings of joy and happiness
  • Relaxation
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduction in the severity of anxiety and depressive symptoms
  • The ability to handle stress and overwhelm


So... what does Access Bars FEEL like, exactly?

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Sign up steps: 

  • Click the ‘REGISTER LIVE IN NOOSA’ button if you'll come live, in person to class.
  • or Click REGISTER ONLINE if you plan to attend virtually.
  • Create an free Access Consciousness account (or LOGIN if you have one already)
  • Pay with preferred method.
  • Get ready to discover new possibilities!
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Let's picture what this day will look like...

If you are joining us virtually... after creating an online account with Access Consciousness and signing up for the Access Bars class with Simone Milasas, you’ll receive a link in your inbox (don’t worry, we’ll resend it on the day in case you lose it).

You’ll join hundreds of other participants who are also eager to learn about the bars so they can integrate the practice into their every day life. Get ready as Simone guides you through:

  • The history of Access Bars - how the practice came to be
  • What possibilities can be created from from a Bars session
  • How to conduct a Bars session - this is the good stuff!
  • You’ll receive a chart and manual that guides you through all the different Access Bars points and what they do
  • Information for those interested in learning more about becoming an Access Bars Facilitator
  • Plus an introduction to the power of questions and the basic tools of Access Consciousness

And like every Access class, you can ask questions and no two classes are ever the same!

You and your chosen partner for the course will each have two opportunities to give and receive a Bars session from the comfort of your own home - so make sure you pick a buddy who is just as ready as you are to discover NEW possibilities!

All of this is available for a total price of 360 AUD*
*360 AUD is the price for Australian residents. Global pricing rates apply

Class starts 9:30am AEST on 28 Feb
Find your local time here 

Access Bars has changed the lives of thousands of people from all walks of life...


Children and adults alike can experience the benefits of having their Bars run! So we asked people what the Access Bars had changed for them... These are some of their replies:

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About The Facilitator

Simone is the Worldwide Business Coordinator of Access Consciousness®️, an international speaker and author of Joy of Business, Getting Out of Debt Joyfully and Relationship Are You Sure You Want One?

She is an acclaimed business and life mentor, and travels the world facilitating seminars with Access Consciousness. A lady who knows how to be a woman, Simone revels in the joy of future opportunity, and knows that the prospect of possibility resides in every choice you make.

This is the last chance...

Are you ready to discover what else is possible, and finally take the time to nurture yourself? Sign up here to say goodbye to those negative voices and make room for the life you’ve dreamed of.